My Approach

Legal Advice You Will Understand


I know that legal matters often seem to appear overwhelming.  Nevertheless, I assure you that my years of experience provide a solid base for me to help you make sound legal decisions and you will not be called upon to make a decision until I have answered all of your questions.  In fact, before you make a decision, we will have already discussed my past experiences with facts and circumstances very much like yours and you will recognize and appreciate that your decision making is in good hands.  I promise to provide you with legal advice, guidance and recommendations in language that you fully understand. 

A Focus on Results


The first step is for me to work closely with you to identify a solid strategy to obtain the results you want. Through my understanding of the law gained over thirty years as a lawyer and your understanding of your particular circumstances, we will together craft for you a path to success.  I have been practicing law for far too many years to have any interest in delving into matters with which I do not already possess a vast knowledge and experience base.  My past successes are the result of not just developing a solid understanding of the law that applies to business and real estate matters like yours, but selectively identifying clients who recognize the value of a solid "team effort," and for whom I will provide the highest likelihood of achieving the desired results.

Get Started Today


Procrastination in legal matters is usually a very expensive approach in more ways than one.  The best approach to handling any legal matter continuously evolves with the passage of time.  As a general rule, the passage of time before making a legal decision usually increases the legal costs of achieving your desired result when the decision is finally made, and jeopardizes the chances of success.  Contact me when you are ready to either make the necessary decisions, or at least learn the consequences of not making decisions.  Let me help you figure out your best next steps. The sooner you have a strategically sound and well considered plan of action, the better your chances of identifying and implementing the steps most likely to achieve your desired results.