My Practice


My law practice is strictly limited to representing clients in only business and real estate matters.  I have dedicated over thirty years to accumulating broad experience and sharpening my focused skills to only business and real estate matters.  I AM NOT A JACK OF ALL TRADES, BUT I AM A MASTER OF ONE.  

Mine is not a general practice.  I do not pretend to be what I am not.  When I meet prospective clients, I am candid in saying that I am certainly not the lawyer to call if they need to get out of jail or want a change of scenery on the home front.  BUT, if a client needs a seasoned well qualified attorney to help them with a business or real estate matter, they should not hesitate to call me.  I KNOW WHAT I KNOW, AND I KNOW IT VERY WELL.

I have tried and won business and real estate cases involving millions of dollars.  I have been appointed as an expert witness in cases involving both real estate and business/corporate matters.  I have helped clients buy and sell businesses, develop and sell real estate and completely reorganize their businesses.  During my thirty plus years of practice, I have presented numerous classes and seminars to lawyers and business people on matters involving business or real estate or both.

On the other hand, my practice is not limited to representing “big” companies in “big” transactions.  Rather, it is not at all uncommon for me to assist clients with personal matters, like buying or selling their home.  I gain a great deal of satisfaction helping people like you handle the unavoidable legal aspects of living day to day life.

Over my years of practice, I have developed a broad “network” of persons who regularly refer clients to me.  These referral sources include attorneys and accountants with both large and small firms, bankers, business owners and many other individuals I have helped over the years.  Each of these persons is as important to me as all the others.

In sum, there is no matter that is either too large or too small for me to handle.  I will personally handle most matters myself without the need to engage assistance of other professionals.  In exceptional circumstances, my relationships with attorneys at larger law firms will provide us the alternative of bringing in all the expertise and “horsepower” we might need.

Finally, I must emphasize that I recognize there is a single factor that probably most largely contributes to the vitality of my law practice.  In a nutshell, I believe I am recognized by clients (and other professionals) as providing the level of experience and skills that should be expected from senior partners at large Twin Cities Law Firms, BUT AT A COST THAT IS SIGNIFICANTLY LOWER.  I can compete with the big firms on the basis of experience and talent, but they cannot compete with me on the basis of price.